Wonderful of science: A 10 rupee Strip in the market that will tell in 4 seconds your kidneys


NEW DELHI: Only 10 rupees and five seconds will be known whether a person has an infection in the kidney or not. A research scholar from Delhi IET has created such a strip.

Whose full projector was shown in the Institute of Microbial Technology (Imtek) of CSIR, based in Chandigarh. This strip is like the pregnancy detecting strip, which will tell the infection in the kidney without installing it in a machine.

Research scholar Dinesh, led by Dr. Harpal Singh of the BIT Medical Engineering Department of IIT Delhi, has created this strip. The process of getting this strip now patented is in the process. According to Dinesh, this strip has been invented by targeting the diagnosis of kidney disease in time.

It took about two years to build this. Four rupees have been spent in making a strip. Now when it will be produced and it is operated from the company to the retail chemist, then the consumer will get a strip of about ten rupees.

It’s like a pregnancy strip, which can be used at home. Very easy to dip in urine sample. If it changes the color from its fixed standard then the infection is detected in the kidney. After this, advanced level test expert can be done in the lab with the advice of the doctor, which will be able to know what level of infection is causing and which disease is growing.