Start selling tea after left engineering job, now earning in lakhs


How often do you think that you are not getting any money you want in the day or You are not happy with your job. There are also some of us who are not willing to lose their dub. You will also be forced to think once you hear the story about the ones you are going to tell.

By profession, software engineer Nitin Biyani has left a well-packed 15 lakh annual package and opened a tea shop in Nagpur. The name of this shop of Nitin is ‘Tea Villa’ and it earns five lakh rupees a month. Their tea hospitals are supplied to nearby offices. Their tea villa offers about 20 different types of tea.

That’s why Nitin’s business is doing so well. Now people from far away send them tea orders. For tea delivery, they also have delivery boy who deliver from bike. Nitin Biyani says that latest technology is used to sell the tea made in ‘tea villa’. Through many social sites, they order and supply tea.

For this, he has also created a website called Here you get different types of tea which is also cheap and beneficial for health. Nitin was working as a software engineer in a company for the last 10 years but his mind was not working in this work and he decided to open his tea hearty hightech shop after listening to his heart.