Big blow to trump .. India has dragged the US into the WTO for import duty on steel-aluminum


New Delhi: India has dragged the US into the WTO for imposing import duty on aluminum and steel. India has said that the US decision to impose import duty on these products will affect its exports.

Let us state that this move of the United States is against global business rules. An official related to the case told that on the issue of import duty on some steel and aluminum products by the United States, India has filed a case in the dispute settlement under the WTO. India has emphasized on dialogue with America in this matter.

India says that the discussions are the first step of settling any dispute. If both countries can not reach any consensus after the talks, then India will ask the WTO Dispute Settlement Committee to look into the matter. US President Donald Trump imposed heavy duty on the import of steel and aluminum on March 9.

This move of Trumpet has led to the possibility of a global business war going on in the world. Trump had signed two orders, which included 25 percent on import of steel products and 10 percent of imported aluminum imports.

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However Canada and Mexico were exempted from import duty on these products. India has also demanded exemption from import duty on these products from the US.