BJP MLA threatens SP


New Delhi: A video of a BJP MLA from Dabangai has surfaced.
Harshavardhan Vajpayee, the BJP MLA from Allahabad, not only tried to shake his head, but also abused a senior police officer.

Rejecting Harshvardhan, who was on the tour of Allahabad, was angry with the Yogi when he stopped from going to meet Adityanath. After which he said to SP you are ghosts of ghats, you think only by the waves. However, he later turned away completely from the point of being mistreated. Actually on Saturday, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was on the tour to Allahabad.

Yogi was a program of lunch for Adityanath, with officials and sages of the casket werena council in Akbari Math. At the same time, to meet Chief Minister Adityanath, BJP MLA Harsh Vardhan Vajpayee reached Allahabad town north from there. But the SP, deployed in the security of Chief Minister, prevented MLA Harshvardhan Vajpayee from going inside. The legislator flashed on the same issue. Harshavardhana Vajpayee blasted his authority on the police administration and used the abuse of words against the SP.

In his cleanliness later, he said that I only told the officer that strict action should be taken against officials not respecting senior ministers and whatever words used against them are less.