Electricity of 20 villages has been disconnected for landing Helicopter of Rajnath


New Delhi: On one hand, PM MODI talks about eliminating VIP culture in the country, while on the other hand the troubles of the common people are raised on the convoy of ministers.

One such case took place in the Satna district of MP, where the power department has cut off the power of 20 villages for 12 hours for safe landing of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s helicopter. Giving its information on the part of the district administration, the memorandum was published in the newspapers. It was told that the power supply has been stopped for 24 hours for the landing of Rajnath Singh’s helicopter.

However, after the opposition of the villagers, Rajnath Singh himself intervened in this matter. Then the matter got settled down. Explain that Rajnath Singh went to Satna to unveil the statue of Shaheed Thakur Ranmat Singh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh was also present on this occasion. Ranmat Singh had bought iron against British rule in the war of 1857.

Surprisingly, in the recent past, the temperature of Satna is more than 40 degrees, and the heat of the villagers has also climbed due to such heavy summer heat cuts. When the villagers performed outside the power department on Sunday, electricity supply was started in their villages.

According to the experts, when the Home Minister came to know about this problem, he decided to go by road to Kothi Nagar. And immediately, the local administration immediately issued instructions for supplying electricity in the area.