Shah’s pain on the fall of the BJP government, says, the Congress ate the whole stables


New Delhi: Just after 2 days in the Karnataka assembly, the BJP government has suffered the pain of Amit Shah after the fall of the government.

BJP national president Amit Shah breaking his silence for the first time, called the Congress and JDS coalition a “unholy alliance”

Shah said that this government is not going to last long. But other than these, these questions are rising in everyone’s mind that even after getting the majority of the figures, how did the BJP form government in 15 days? So Amit Shah has also responded to this.

Speaking about the Jugaad of the majority, Shah said, “If we get 15 days, we will easily prove a majority. When opposition MLAs went to their respective areas, they would have changed their minds, but they kept their captives in hotels and elsewhere. ” Amit Shah also dismissed the Congress’s ‘Horse Trading’ accusations, saying that ‘Congress has not only bought horse trading but also sold whole stables of full’.

When Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as corrupt, Shah said that he did not take the Congress President’s comments seriously. The BJP president expressed confidence that his party would win more seats in 2019 than in 2014. Let me tell you that on Saturday, BJP’s Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa had to resign in the state of not getting majority in the Karnataka Assembly. In the state, the BJP government ran for only 55 hours. Due to not being able to prove majority, there was a lot of BJP’s mood. Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP in the whole episode. He even said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is promoting corruption.