The splendid initiative of the Bangalore Police, the summer camp set for children at the police station


New Delhi: You will be surprised even knowing that such a news has come from the Ramnagar district of Bangalore. In fact, a police station here has turned into a children’s summer camp.

Let us say it has happened at the Baidarahalli police station in Bangalore. Where the police station was made a summer camp for 400 children. This free camp was run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. In which the children have been explained the process of filing FIRs and arresting the offenders. Here’s how lockup and handcuffs can work.

Police Inspector KP Satyanarayana said that this is the first time such a summer camp has been organized in the police station. The purpose of organizing this summer camp is to show that the police force is for the help of people. He said that we want to eliminate negative talk about the police within the children.

Not only this, there was a session on personal hygiene organized by three doctors from a private hospital in Summer Camp. Discussion on sexual exploitation taught the difference between good touch and bad touch to the children. Inspector General of Police, ML Purushottam said that through video, children were also told to save themselves from the miscreants present at other places including the school.

District Fire Bigger Officer Syed Abbas and his team informed about the methods of fire extinguishing and fire save during the incidents of fire. A student Samrath who attended this summer camp said that we all have noticed the number of the police station area and the control room number in our area.